Decision Support

Smart guidance for strategic decision making at any time, balancing risk and value, using actual insights.

We know managers continuously face challenges to prioritize resources and decide whether to start, continue, speed up or delay project development.

Often adequate up-to-date data is lacking and the impact of risks and threats is not known. Streamlined portfolio management processes are crucial to making assessments and decisions, in a transparent, consistent and multidisciplinary way.

Understanding the characteristics of markets and technology is crucial for the timing of the projects. With FLIGHTMAP you can easily monitor and manage the progress of the project funnel according to your company’s stage gated process.

FLIGHTMAP is the web-based portfolio management software tool. Your decisions based on the actual business data and smart guidance provided by FLIGHTMAP will help to optimize the expected value and return on investment (ROI) of the portfolio.

Decision support software for strategic portfolio management: FLIGHTMAP.

Better decisions, more value Provides a uniform decision support framework to professionalise your portfolio processes.
Transparent decision making Supports managers to prepare, make and visualize decisions with solid portfolio analysis.
Monitoring actual data Collects the business cases of individual projects and monitors the actual progress.
Cost reduction Portfolio management software reduce the administrative effort and ad-hoc work of project leaders to a minimum, without any compromises to accuracy of data.
Easy to deploy FLIGHTMAP is operational within weeks. Easy configuration matching your own company standards and stage gated processes.