Collaborate on the optimal ESG strategy

ESG initiatives tend to be everywhere in the organization. Flightmap brings them together to get the best out of them all.

Maintain the overview

Know what initiatives are being worked on and how they can support each other

Link the business

Understand the cost and benefits of improving the overall ESG score

Align the objectives

Discover under- or overrepresented themes and make sure effort is put in the right direction

Central place for all ESG initiatives

By bringing al initatives together in a single place, they can easily be compared with each other to give priority to the ones with the highest impact. Since this encourages to unify the information being submitted per initiative, scenario’s can be created on the cooperative impact.

Transparent and reliable calculations

The impact and scoring models developed by Flightmap are thoroughly validated and tested to guarantee reliability. Alternatively, it’s easy to integrate your own calculation rules. Anyhow, due to the modular approach, it’s always possible to do a complete drill-down on metrics to understand where it comes from.

Easy to get started

Get started with Flightmap right away. Due to its intelligent Excel connection, the already available data can be uploaded and analyzed right away. The automated Power BI connection makes it possible to integrate outcomes effortlessly into existing Power BI reports.

Let's meet!

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Flightmap ESG Founder & Seasoned Innovation Executive

Bob Smeets

Flightmap ESG Product Owner

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Frequently asked questions

Reporting is possible by interactive dashboards directly in the browser, but it is also possible to export information to Excel and create automated reports in a PowerPoint, Word and PDF following the organization’s style.

Data can be collected and added to Flightmap ESG both manually and automatically. Manually via surveys or the data editor in Flightmap, automatically via Excel sheets or API connections. All data is transformed automatically into usable information.

Out-of-the-box, there is support for energy usage (electric, gas, heat), water usage and CO2 emissions. CO2 emissions can be presented directly or calculated based on the energy usage. Additional metrics can easily be added.

Yes, Flightmap ESG is flexible in adding custom KPI’s to set goals and monitoring progress.

Flightmap ESG has a workflow engine to automatically create user  tasks or to perform tasks fully automated. Tasks can occur from any event, like for example updating data, a data quality problem or insufficient progress.

The workflow engine of Flightmap ESG lets you model your internal decision-making, planning or any other monitoring process. Via this, it remains clear what the next steps are, and deviations are automatically recognized.

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