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Create a more sustainable portfolio

With our new sustainability module, we support organizations to make their portfolio more environmentally sustainable. Nowadays, sustainability is high on the agenda and receives more attention than ever before. To give organizations the tools to consider sustainability in project portfolio management, we have a new module to include environmental KPIs in the portfolio analysis. The KPIs are based on the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities, the well-known ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).


We have the knowledge available to come to a good assessment of the project’s sustainability. The module is designed to include sustainability and make it an integral part of the decision-making, next to other criteria such as risk and financial KPIs.


Setting targets is important. We can guide you through setting ambitious but realistic sustainability targets for the portfolio. The progress on sustainability can be tracked with the portfolio analysis in Flightmap.

Supportive Tools

We offer the tools to consider sustainability and guidelines to include sustainability in portfolio decision-making. Some of the possibilities that are created with this module are:


Rank projects based on their sustainability and use the sustainability score next to other criteria for project selection and prioritization.

Set Targets

Set sustainability targets on the portfolio level and track the progress.

Validate projects

Have insight into how each project scores on different sustainability aspects. These insights can challenge looking for more sustainable alternatives for projects.

Trigger sustainable strategy

Being more aware of sustainability, explicitly considering sustainability, and actively putting it on the agenda, will trigger more sustainable thinking and doing throughout the organization and its supply chain.

Easy Step-wise Approach


First, we integrate the sustainability assessment into your Flightmap portal in the form of environmental KPIs that fit the impact of your organization.

Make commitments

Second, we support setting targets and making commitments.

decide sustainable

Third, we encourage you to use all the insights that Flightmap provides, to make more sustainable portfolio decisions.

We offer our help and advice every step of the way. Are you interested in including sustainability in your portfolio analysis? Please send us a message and we’re happy to contact you.