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Flightmap featureS

portfolio composition

Compose, compare and optimize project portfolio alternatives from outlines and plans.

insight analysis

Powerful and relevant analyses of each project and of the project portfolio.

progress monitoring

Track ongoing project continuously to complement planned input and fine-tune optimization.

business intelligence

Use external market and logical development as input for project and portfolio analyses. Manage market trends forecast technology

process control

Manage roles and authorization, data quality and alerts, and automate process flow.

free demo accounts available

Get a hands-on experience with the powerful interactive portfolio management capabilities of FLIGHTMAP!
Send us a little request, and we will send you a personal account, complete with a quick reference card and inspiring examples.


Collaborate on the optimal ESG strategy

Our services

FLIGHTMAP is delivered as a service (SaaS).

This makes your FLIGHTMAP implementation easy to access, easy to configure, easy to upgrade, and easy to integrate.

FLIGHTMAP is deployed in an agile iterative manner in these steps: your environment is created, then configured to your process needs,
and (optionally) loaded with existing data from other systems and spreadsheets (see FlightHub above).


FLIGHTMAP user training. Fulfilling the needs of key users in your organization: portfolio analysts, technical analysts, and portfolio managers.

DAta quality processing

Portfolio analysis source data is often of varying degrees of quality. We process data to increase quality, and strengthen support for decisions.

Executive Consulting

Our experienced internal consultants and product specialists offer executive consulting services to help you optimize and streamline your portfolio process and gain most from a FLIGHTMAP implementation.

extenden modeling

We design decision support models for your portfolio based on your requirements and specific use cases.

specialist analyses

FLIGHTMAP provides powerful portfolio analysis modules. We can perform specialist portfolio analysis on your behalf.

additional customization

Together with our partners we also offer development of customized solutions and connectors to other IT systems.

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