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At Bicore Group we supports our clients to improve their strategic portfolio management. Our focus is on high tech industry and on real estate. For high-tech organizations we offer FLIGHTMAP, specifically suited for sectors of ICT, Electronic & Electrical Equipment, Automotive, Life Sciences, and process industry. For real estate portfolios, we offer REALMAP, our innovative asset and liability portoflio optimization solution. We serve a wide customer base in Europe and beyond, together with a range of specialized consulting and technology partners.

FLIGHTMAP enables better decisions about the innovation portfolio, and leads to more value creation. The unique powerful analysis capabilities support comprehensive strategic scenario planning, road mapping, project portfolio optimization, project selection, resource and budget planning, tracking project performance, and innovation process automation. The innovative user interface and the web-based deployment options guarantee a fast implementation and adoption of FLIGHTMAP. In addition to the FLIGHTMAP solution, we offer supporting services.

global partners


global partner

In April 2017 Bicore, owner of FLIGHTMAP established a formal partnership with EY-FAAS. This takes strategic portfolio management to the next level: a combination of the advanced FLIGHTMAP tooling of Bicore with the world-wide proven expert services of EY.


global partner

BDO and REALM help corporations with the translation of current developments and insights into targeted advice and practical support for your real estate organization. BDO advises and supports 175 housing corporations in a wide range of assignments, both financially, tax-legally and organizationally.


global partner

Since 2018, Bicore collaborates with Deloitte Belgium’s Risk Advisory practice, to jointly support clients with complex portfolio and program management challenges.

Deloitte has improved its services in these domains and is taking into account the latest standards and technological possibilities to help organizations overcome these challenges.

expert partners


expert partner

Stork Asset Management Technology is a consultancy and implementation partner for asset intensive organizations. We join forces with our clients to implement best practices for asset management (Engineering, Operations & Maintenance), e.g. effective portfolio management.


expert partner

Odysseus is an expert consulting provider specialized in portfolio management.
Odysseus Group is over 16 years leading in business consultancy for Project and Portfolio Management. Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with our clients.


expert partner

Intermedius is een implementatie adviesbureau gespecialiseerd in portfoliomanagement. Intermedius is een implementatie adviesbureau. Wij stellen organisaties in staat het verschil te maken, waardoor medewerkers trots zijn op hun organisatie en hun team.

technology partners

technology partner

Analytica enables us to model complex value streams, business models and sensitivity analyses in a very efficient way. Besides, Analytica can easy handle large sets of data which improves the performance of our application. Due to the low-code principle of Analytica, complicated models are easy to maintain and can even be discussed directly with the end-user.

technology partner

AIMMS offers the engine for the Real estate portfolio optimization algorithm implemented in REALMAP. The AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform is the technology of choice for operations research and analytics professionals for building and delivering solutions that improve business performance.

technology partner

Planon and Bicore have partnered to bring strategic portfolio management to corporate real estate and social housing based on Planon’s detailed asset, project, and facilities management functionality and Bicore’s unique portfolio optimization analytics.

Technology partner

Bicore is a long-time member of the Microsoft Partner Network.

Bicore’s solutions are developed and deployed based on Microsoft platforms (Windows, ASP.NET, SQL Server and Microsoft Office technology). This makes the software fully compatible and easy to integrate with any enterprise environment, including full support for Single Sign On, Sharepoint integration, and Office document interchange.